Accessibility Plan 2023-2026

Perimeter Aviation LP Accessibility Progress Report 2023-2026


Perimeter Aviation is an air transportation provider that ferries both cargo and passengers under the Airline brands of Perimeter Airlines, Bearskin Airlines, and a sister company Charter Connexions. We service remote Northern communities in both Manitoba and Ontario.

The Executive stakeholder responsible for receiving and to action Accessibility feedback is:

Brad Byrne

VP, Commercial Services

To provide feedback or request an alternate format of the accessibility plan, an alternate format of the description of the feedback process, or an alternate format of the progress report.

626 Ferry Road

Winnipeg Manitoba

R3H 0T7

204-783-8000 ext 4031



Perimeter Aviation will acknowledge receipt of feedback, other than anonymous feedback, in the same method it was received.

Information and communication technologies (ICT)

We know it is essential that everyone, including people with disabilities, can access what they need through our websites, communications, software, and hardware.

The following information and communication technologies are leveraged to remove barriers:

  • Dedicated email address for accessibility concerns/feedback
  • Public Telephones are TTY compliant
  • Bell Relay Service (711)
  • Job applications and submissions are accepted through the website and paper forms are available by request.
  • Visual Paging at Check-in and Boarding in our Winnipeg Terminal.

In progress:

  • We are actively working on our website, which will be Level AA Web Content Accessibility Guidelines [WCAG] compliant. Expected to be complete by the end of 2024.

Future state:

  • Visual Cue Cards such as pictograms to indicate passenger travel needs. Expected to be completed by the end of 2024.

Communication, other than ICT

When requested, we are dedicated to promptly offering alternative formats within the timelines specified in the Accessible Canada Regulations and the Air Transportation Planning Reporting Regulations (ATPRR), which include:

  • Print (within 15 days)
  • Large print (within 15 days)
  • Braille (within 45 days)
  • Audio format (within 45 days)
  • Electronic format compatible with assistive technology designed to aid individuals with disabilities. (within 15 days)

Alternative formats of this Accessibility Plan can be requested at

We offer alternative communication during check-in, boarding, and onboard the aircraft and during safety-critical interactions such as:

  • Written instructions by paper or mobile texting if requested.
  • Physical direction assistance, offering guidance by touch and verbally describing the built environment the passenger is maneuvering through.

Manitoba Possible facilitated two training events for our customer facing staff. Training focused on disability awareness, including interaction and communication skills. This training will be ongoing, becoming part of our training syllabus which will reoccur four times per year.

Procurement of goods, services, and facilities

To ensure that accessible procurement practices are implemented, we have taken the following steps:

  • Feedback related to challenges faced by internal and external stakeholders was completed in 2023, and feedback was actioned in the procurement of passenger boarding ramps.
  • A procurement policy was created to provide guidance for those who partake in procurement activities for the company. This policy included the seven principles of universal design to remove potential barriers.
  • Creation of a training framework is ongoing for those involved with the procurement process. Expected to be completed by the end of 2024, once reviewed by our accessibility committee.
  • When required, our Accessibility Committee will be asked to consult on potential barriers related to the procurement of goods or services.

Design and delivery of programs and services

We are committed to ensuring that our programs and services are accessible to everyone, particularly individuals with disabilities. We work diligently to guarantee that all interactions with us meet accessibility standards and satisfy users. To equip our employees with the necessary skills to deliver services that are accessible, we have organized training events on various accessibility topics, such as communication and recognition.

Our ultimate objective is to design and deliver programs and services in a manner that is accessible to everyone, particularly those with disabilities. We are dedicated to ensuring that all individuals who engage with us are satisfied with the accessibility of our programs and services.

Ongoing initiatives:

  • Create and implement standardized forms in accessible formats to ensure that all official information is as accessible as possible. Ongoing through 2024.
  • Creating individual journey plans with various departments known as Perimeter Accessibility Service. Expected to be completed by the end of 2024.
  • Review HR policies to ensure support of anti-discrimination, tolerance, and accommodation support. Ongoing through 2024.
  • Hands-on, accessible equipment familiarity (parts, light maintenance, and suggested usage) for all passenger-facing employees/contractors. Ongoing through 2024.
  • Hands-on wheelchair handling for all passenger-facing employees. Ongoing through 2024.


Our aircraft and facilities may pose physical barriers to passengers with mobility impairments. We will try to provide accessible facilities and equipment, including wheelchair-accessible ramps, lifts, and lavatories. Additionally, we will ensure that all aircraft and facilities comply with applicable accessibility codes and regulations.

Below are the known barrier challenges our passengers face and how we are addressing their elimination.

Quality and variety of signage:

  • Visual paging has been implemented through televisions in our Winnipeg Terminal.
  • Visual cues will be provided at our check in counters, expected to be completed by end of 2025.
  • Work with our Terminal operating partners in the north to have visual paging in all stations. Ongoing through 2026.
  • High contrast text on graphic signage and braille signage in WPG Terminal to be completed upon completion of the Winnipeg Terminal building.
  • We will work with our partners across the network to provide feedback related to their signage and high contrast text.

Website access:

  • Engage a web accessibility consultant to help test, remediate, and maintain our website in line with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).2.0 AA conformance. Expected to be completed by the end of 2024.

Aircraft Boarding and Assistive Equipment:

  • Purchased more passenger boarding ramps to allow for dignified passenger boarding. Six boarding ramps will be in operation in July 2024, and will be ongoing through 2026.
  • Complete review and inventory of existing assistive equipment (Wheelchairs, lift devices, slide devices). Ongoing through 2024.
  • Create a preventive maintenance plan for all assistive equipment used with passengers. Expected to be completed by end of 2024.
  • Replace aged assistive equipment until all assistive equipment is in perfect working condition. Ongoing through 2026.
  • Improve training for staff who assist with boarding disabled passengers. As outlined in the section listed in this plan as “Design and delivery of programs and services”. Ongoing through 2024, expected to be completed by the end of 2024.

Terminal Services:

  • Conduct accessibility review of Terminals our aircraft fly to ensure they are aligned with our barrier-free goals. Ongoing through 2024.
  • All interior doors to be of the correct width to allow people who use wheelchairs to pass through easily. Started in 2024 and ongoing through 2026.
  • All interior public-facing doors have automated door access. Started in 2024 and ongoing through 2026.
  • In Winnipeg, the new terminal design built at 626 Ferry Rd will be barrier-free and vetted by advocacy partners and built or go beyond City of Winnipeg accessibility by-laws. To be completed in 2025 with the completion of the Winnipeg terminal.

Built Environment

Perimeter Aviation operates Aircraft to numerous destinations using two types of aircraft. Our passengers pass through large passenger terminals and small remote stations. In all but one of our Terminals, we are a tenant and work with our landlord partners to create barrier-free travel.  We are committed to identifying and addressing barriers that may prevent passengers with disabilities from accessing the airline's facilities and services.

Future state progress:

  • Will continue to work with our partners across the network to implement visual paging where necessary and when applicable.
  • Passenger boarding ramps in all stations we travel to. Ongoing through to 2026. The current state includes Winnipeg, Thompson, Garden Hill, and St. Theresa Point. Norway House and Cross Lake are expected to be completed in July 2024.
  • Accessibility Committee researching innovations that support barrier-free experience in-flight. Ongoing through 2026.
  • All interior and exterior doors assessed for width, automation, and with correct slope access Ongoing through 2026.
  • Bathroom barriers to be assessed in both public and employee spaces, ongoing through 2024.
  • Passenger seating in the Terminal to be more inclusive, with openings for passengers using wheelchairs. Expected to be completed with the completion of our Winnipeg terminal in 2025.
  • Weight Scale heights to be adjusted for those who may be seated. Initial reviews are completed, and fixes are to be completed throughout 2024 where applicable.
  • Passenger lanyards to assist staff in identifying those with hidden disabilities to ensure passenger needs and services are appropriately offered to our passengers. The program has been sourced, implementation to come in fall of 2024 pending registration.

Provisions of CTA accessibility-related regulations

To enhance our service related to Part VII of the ATR, we implemented a pre-boarding process in our Winnipeg base to assist those who require assistance in getting to and from the aircraft by purchasing a club car.

Perimeter Aviation LP took part in a site visit with the Canadian Transportation Agency advisory group in June of 2023 in Sioux Lookout, Ontario. The purpose of the visit was to have a general discussion related to accessibility and a greater understanding of northern operations. We continue to be apart of the working group related to small carriers.

Feedback Received

Perimeter Aviation published the feedback form in 2022. Since its publication, the company has received one (1) submission regarding accessibility barriers.

An example of the feedback that was received earlier this year indicated that a barrier existed on board our aircraft related to the safety feature card. As a result of this feedback, a supplier was sourced and provided braille safety feature cards.


This Progress Report was created by consulting with our Perimeter Aviation Accessibility Committee which consists of the following members:

  • Members of Advocacy groups (Manitoba Possible and Jacob's Principle)
  • An Elder Passenger who experiences barriers and lives in one of the communities we serve.
  • Employees who experience barriers
  • Nursing professional
  • Corporate Trainer
  • Director, Marketing & Communications
  • VP of Safety
  • VP of Human Resources
  • VP of Commercial Services

Each member received a digital copy of the progress report to provide feedback between May 1st and May 31st, 2024.

General inquiries related to accessibility initiatives have been consulted by committee members and members of the traveling public since the release of the Accessibility Plan.

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Perimeter Aviation Accessibility Progress Report 2023-2026