Bearskin Airlines is your #1 choice for shipping envelopes and smaller packages by air throughout Northern Ontario and Winnipeg, Manitoba. We've yet to find a truck that can deliver your packages faster than the "Bear." Interline cargo agreements with Air Canada and other air carriers allow you to access all Bearskin destinations from almost anywhere in Canada.


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General Cargo

An airport to airport service is available for the movement of general cargo throughout the Bearskin Airlines network. Interline cargo agreements with Air Canada and other air carriers permit the movement of cargo between most points in Canada.

Envelope Service

An envelope service is available for envelopes and small packages not exceeding 2 kg (5 lbs.). The charge for this service starts at $18. Contact Bearskin Airlines Cargo for size and other restrictions.

Guaranteed Air Freight (Freight Seat)

This is a premium flight specific product designed to provide virtually system­wide, same day service. A freight seat guarantees your shipment will be on the flight of your choice! Each freight seat purchased provides for up to 200 lbs. and includes some size restrictions. Call Bearskin today for full details!

Pickup & Delivery

For an additional charge, we can provide for pickup and delivery within the communities we serve. Just call us in advance to make the necessary arrangements.

Live Animals

Bearskin Airlines accepts live animals for shipment. Our past experience includes bear cubs, moose calves, worms for bait dealers and live fish, as well as your everyday family pets like cats and dogs. Our aircraft does not offer heated stowage. For this reason, we have an embargo on flights operated between October 15 and April 15 each year when we will not accept live animals for shipment. 

From time to time, we help Northern communities and rescue animal operations move animals from Northern communities to urban centres in order to obtain necessities of life and/or veterinarian care.  This shall be done in accordance with Provincial and Federal Regulations.  Please see our Rescue Animal Policy and accompanying documentation Shipper's Certification for Live Animals for more information. 

Dangerous Goods

Bearskin Airlines does accept Dangerous Goods for shipment at most stations. Exceptions are class 7 radioactive materials. To inquire about service charges and full details related to shipping Dangerous Goods, please contact us in advance. 

Declared Value for Carriage

The shipper is required to make a declaration of value on the air waybills of all shipments. The declaration of value may be in any amount. "No Value Declared" (NVD) is acceptable. For valuable cargo, you must declare a value for carriage. For more information, please contact our cargo office.


Cargo shipments can be sent prepaid or collect in some markets. We accept cash, debit cards at some stations, most major credit cards and we offer credit terms to corporate accounts. Contact us to inquire about opening a corporate account.

Size Limitations

Some freight is subject to advance arrangements due to size and/or special handling requirements. The aircraft serving the route limits the maximum size or weight per shipment. If you have an unusually large or heavy shipment, contact Bearskin Airlines in advance.

For more information contact us:


Thunder Bay Cargo Office:
216 Round Blvd.
Thunder Bay, Ontario P7E 3N9
Tel: 807 474 2646
Fax: 807 474 2634

Sioux Lookout Cargo Office:
Perimeter Hangar
7 Airport Road 
Sioux Lookout, Ontario P8T 1C1

Tel: 800 665 8986 x4122 
Fax: 807 737 4319
Winnipeg Cargo Office:
626 Ferry Road Unit 23
Winnipeg, Manitoba 
Tel: 204 956-3252