Baggage Allowance

If you are travelling with checked baggage, we recommend that you drop off your baggage 60 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time with a check-in agent. We are unable to accept checked baggage that is dropped off after the check-in cut off time.

We make every effort to ensure your luggage travels with you. However, there are times where we cannot accommodate all checked baggage due to payload restrictions. We trust our passengers will keep this in mind when packing, keeping important and critical items with them in their carry-on. We recommend packing the following items in your carry-on: house/car keys, jewelry, valuables, cash, life-saving medication/medical devices, important documents, and/or personal electronic devices.

All baggage must be checked in at the same time. No additional baggage will be accepted after passenger boarding passes have been issued. All baggage must be properly packaged and taped, with identification attached to each item before check-in.

Shipping boxes are available in Thunder Bay and Sioux Lookout locations for $2 each and shipping totes are $10 each. Totes and boxes are subject to availability and available upon request at the check-in counter.

Some items are not permitted in your carry-on OR checked baggage. For a list of these items please refer to our Allowed, Prohibited and Illegal Items documentation. If you're unsure about an item in your baggage, please ask!


Checked Baggage Weight Allowance

Free baggage allowance is 31 kg (70 lbs) per passenger (includes carry-on/out and checked combined). A maximum of 3 pieces are permitted as checked baggage. If any single piece of baggage exceeds the maximum weight, it must be shipped as cargo.

    Checked Baggage Maximum Pieces   Carry-on/out Baggage
  Maximum Pieces
  Cost Per Piece   Combined Maximum
Per Passenger   3   2   Free   31 kg (70 lbs)


Checked Baggage Size Allowance

Linear centimeters (inches) are determined by adding the length, height, and width of an item.

  Maximum Size Per Piece
  Checked Baggage   157 linear cm (62 linear in) each
  Carry-on Baggage   40x33x20 cm (16x13x8 in)
  Carry-out Baggage   54x39x22 cm (21.5x15.5x9 in) part of the checked baggage allowance)


Excess Baggage Weight and Size Allowance

Linear centimeters (inches) are determined by adding the length, height, and width of an item. Excess baggage items will be accommodated on a space-available basis and may not travel on the same flight as the passenger. For information on seat blocking to guarantee excess space please contact our Customer Service Call Centre

   Excess Baggage Fees  Excess Baggage Maximum Pieces   Maximum Weight Combined   Maximum Size per
  Single Item
  Excess Baggage   Calculated per pound*   2   31 kg (70 lbs)   292 linear cm (115 linear inches) each


Items between 160 linear cm (63 linear in) and 292 linear cm (115 linear in) are considered excess baggage. As such, they will are subject to the excess baggage weight fees and fly on a space-available basis.

If any single piece of baggage exceeds the maximum weight OR size allowance, it must be shipped as cargo. Combined weight for checked, carry-on, and excess baggage must not exceed 63 kg (140 lbs) per passenger.

*See bottom of page for a current list of excess baggage fees per pound.



A maximum of 2 pieces are permitted and form part of the free baggage allowance weight. Carry-on/out baggage must be able to fit in the baggage sizer that is located at check-in. Eligible pieces include soft sided briefcases, laptop computers, and small suitcases.

Flight crew may request that you remove laptop computers from their carrying case if deemed to be too large. Laptops are not permitted in carry-out baggage and are required to be in cabin.

Items permitted as carry-on but not considered part of the allowance include personal cameras, coats, purses (10x12x8 in [25x30x20 cm] or less), urns, canes, containers carrying life sustaining items and other similar items.


Complimentary Baggage

For each reservation, the following items are accepted free of charge and will not be considered part of the free checked baggage allowance.

    • One form of medical equipment (ie. dialysis machines)
    • One wheelchair, baby stroller, bassinet, walker, or car seat


Oversize or Overweight Checked Baggage

Bearskin Airlines does not accept single checked bags exceeding 31 kg (70 lbs) as checked baggage and it is considered overweight. Overweight baggage must be shipped as cargo. A baggage scale is conveniently located at the Winnipeg Terminal entrance to assist passengers with weight allowances.

Bearskin Airlines does not accept items exceeding 292 linear centimeters (115 linear inches) as checked baggage and it is considered oversized. Oversized items must be shipped as cargo.

Please allow yourself time at check-in when travelling with multiple pieces that could be oversize or overweight. When shipping as cargo, cargo rates apply. View cargo rates.



We love your furry family, however if you are travelling with pets, they are not part of the baggage allowance. Please review our Special Services guidelines for additional information.


Sporting Equipment

Fishing equipment, golf clubs, and other sporting equipment must be fully enclosed in a hard-shell container specifically designed for shipping. If otherwise packaged, the item(s) will only be accepted with a limited release tag which indemnifies Bearskin Airlines and is to be signed at check-in. All sporting equipment is subject to the Checked and Excess Baggage weight and size restrictions.


Lithium Batteries

Lithium batteries are considered dangerous goods. Bearskin Airlines will not accept lithium batteries loose in checked baggage or in carry-out. Lithium batteries can only be accepted in checked baggage if installed in a device, powered off, and protected from damage.

Loose batteries must be in protective packaging in carry-on baggage, or on a passenger with a maximum of two per person.

Alternatively, batteries can be shipped via cargo with applicable paperwork. View cargo information for more details.


Aerosols and Liquids

Aerosols (hair spray, perfumes, and medicines), liquids, and gels are permitted through screening. A single item must not exceed 0.5 kg (0.5 L). The entire amount must not exceed 2 kg (2 L). Valves must be protected by a cap or other means to prevent the release of contents.

Items exempt from restrictions include baby formula, baby food, or milk if travelling with children two (2) years of age and under as well as prescription and essential medicines. Please declare all items to security screening personnel.


Interline Baggage Rules for Travel within Canada/US on Partner Airlines

Bearskin Airlines, a division of Perimeter Aviation partners with Air Canada (interline) to offer the convenience of a single reservation. This includes select Ontario Perimeter Aviation routes connecting to Bearskin Airlines in Sioux Lookout and subsequently to Air Canada in Winnipeg or Thunder Bay.

If your ticket is not an interline ticket:  Bearskin Airlines baggage allowance will apply.


If your ticket includes flights operated by our partner airlines: 

  • If the first flight segment on your ticket is operated by Air Canada (AC)* the Air Canada checked baggage guidelines, allowances, and fees will apply for that flight and all other flights in your itinerary. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the AC baggage policies, allowances and fees. *(Air Canada Rouge, as well as Air Canada Express flights operated by Jazz, Sky Regional, Air Georgian and Exploits Valley Air)
  • If the first flight on your ticket is operated by Bearskin Airlines, the Bearskin Airlines checked baggage guidelines, allowances, and fees will apply for that flight and all other flights on your ticket.


All excess baggage fees must be paid for at the time of check-in. Please familiarize yourself with available payment options prior to arrival.


Security Screening

Checked baggage will be processed through screening prior to loading on all Bearskin Airlines flights.

Checked baggage containing items that are prohibited on board an aircraft may be opened by authorized security screeners for further inspection. For further information regarding prohibited items, please visit the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) website or call 1-888-294-2202.


Baggage Claims

Bearskin Airlines is not liable for loss, damage, or delayed delivery of such items as valuable, fragile, or perishable articles, medication, money, jewellery, and negotiable papers, nor for damage that resulted from improper packing, baggage, or package defects, nor damage attributable to normal wear and tear such as zippers, scuffs, scratches, nicks, dents, missing straps, feet, clips, and wheels.

Baggage is considered items tendered by a passenger to Bearskin Airlines at the time of check-in. It can be regular checked baggage as part of the free baggage allowance or excess checked baggage, they are both equally considered baggage.  Missing or damage claims must be received within seven (7) calendar days of travel to be eligible for compensation.

For delayed baggage please complete a Delayed Baggage Report.

For damaged baggage please complete a Claim Report.

Baggage carried on behalf of another passenger is not available for compensation; please be sure to check in your own baggage.

Please review our Local Domestic Tariff for more information about baggage liability.


Excess Baggage Fees

from/to Winnipeg rate per lb.
Brochet  $       6.10
Cross Lake  $       2.19
Deer Lake  $       1.76
Garden Hill  $       2.18
God's Lake Narrows  $       2.41
God's River  $       2.41
Lac Brochet  $       6.10
North Spirit Lake  $       2.13
Norway House  $       1.93
Oxford House $       2.41
Pikangikum $       1.78
Red Sucker Lake $       2.35
Sachigo Lake $       2.26
Sandy Lake $       1.96
Shamattawa $       3.14
South Indian Lake $       5.26
St. Theresa $       2.18
Tadoule Lake $       6.10
Thompson  $       3.40
York Landing $       5.26


from/to Thompson rate per lb.
Brochet $        1.91
God's Lake Narrows $       1.44
God's River $       1.44
Lac Brochet  $       2.04
Oxford House $       1.09
Shamattawa $       1.91
South Indian Lake $       1.14
Tadoule Lake $       1.91
York Landing  $       1.09


from/to Thunder Bay  rate per lb.
Deer Lake $      2.95
North Spirit Lake $       2.84
Pikangikum $       2.85
Sachigo Lake  $       3.60
Sandy Lake $       3.00
Sioux Lookout $       1.40


from/to Sioux Lookout rate per lb.
Deer Lake $       2.13
North Spirit Lake $       1.03
Pikangikum $       1.68
Sachigo Lake $       2.08
Sandy Lake $       1.71
Thunder Bay $       1.40


Perimeter Branded Routes, between northern communities rate per lb.
Inter-community $       1.82


Bearskin Branded Routes rate per lb.
from/to all other Bearskin origin/destinations $       3.12