Special Needs and Pets

Bearskin Airlines offers a number of services for passengers with special needs. The identification of your special needs at the time of booking will ensure we best meet your requirements. Our customer service agents will gladly describe services available and make the appropriate arrangements. Passengers should arrive early at the airport to allow extra time for check-in and boarding.

Passengers with special needs are also able to book online. After making a booking, we encourage you to contact our Reservation Centre at least 48 hours in advance and quote your reference number so we can confirm the service you require.

For specific information on the services we provide, please review Rule # 71 in our domestic tariff.

Special services include assistance:
  • at the check-in counter
  • proceeding to the boarding area
  • proceeding to the welcome area upon arrival, or to a representative of another carrier
  • boarding and deplaning
  • retrieving luggage and mobility aids
At your request, we can:
  • arrange for the use of your own wheelchair until boarding the aircraft and for the delivery of your wheelchair at the gate upon arrival
  • disassemble and package batteries on your motorized wheelchairs, unpack the batteries and reassemble the wheelchair on arrival
  • Assist you in transferring between mobility aids or onto and from the aircraft seat

Transfer of Mobility aids

We can carry the following aids as priority baggage without charge and in addition to the free baggage allowance:

  • wheelchairs
  • walkers, canes, crutches and braces
  • communication devices
  • prostesis or medical device
  • Segway

Due to special handing of mobility aid battery powered equipment, please be sure to mention when making your reservation if you wish to transport battery powered equipment.

Safety briefing in alternate format

An individual safety briefing will be provided by a crew member prior to flight departure for passengers who are blind or have a visual impairment.

Passenger lifts

A passenger access lift available at certain airports allows customers in wheelchairs to safely board our aircraft.

TDD - Reservations

If you have a telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD), in Canada and the United States call 1-800-465-2327.

Service animals

Certified, professionally trained service animals which are assisting customers with disabilities are carried, free of charge in the passenger cabin at the customer's feet.


Wet cell and dry cell battery operated wheelchairs are permitted on all flights. As a wet cell battery is classified as a dangerous good, this type of battery requires additional safety-related handling and battery packaging which will occur at the check-in counter.


Passengers travelling with oxygen must have a doctor's certificate stating they are acceptable for travel. We also recommend that you bring any other documents related to type of cylinder you are bringing (e.g. flow rate, P.S.I., and capacity). Only gaseous oxygen is permitted. Personal use oxygen cylinders accepted only as carry-on. Passengers must make their own arrangements to obtain personal use gaseous oxygen cylinders.

Pregnant guests

A woman in any stage of pregnancy is welcome to fly. Women at/past 36 weeks must consult a physician and obtain a written confirmation dated within 72 hours of departure stating they are acceptable for travel.

Guests with any service requests not previously mentioned
Please let us know if we can assist in any way to make your experience as comfortable as possible, such as requiring pre-boarding and deplaning assistance (first-time flyers or people unfamiliar with air travel).

Small pets are permitted (subject to certain restrictions) year round inside the aircraft cabin. Larger pets are transported in the unheated cargo section on a seasonal basis only (between April 15 & October 15). All pets must be in an airline approved crate. Pets are charged a fee depending the size.  Small pet/pet in cabin (under 22lbs) - $50; Medium checked pet (23 to 50lbs) - $70; Large checked pet (51lbs and over) - $100.  All rates plus tax each way.  Dimensions for pet in cabin: Maximum Size 16x13x7 .  Call toll-free for full details. 1 800 465 2327.