Hope Air

Hope Air is Canada’s only national charity providing Canadians in financial need with free travel to medical care far from home, for all ages and medical needs. Since its inception in 1986, Hope Air has provided more than 144,000 travel arrangements to patients in need.hopeair

Since 1988 Bearskin Airlines has been a valuable Hope Air partner by getting thousands of Canadians to the medical care they need. In 2010 Hope Air presented the first ever Outstanding Philanthropist Award to Bearskin Airlines. In 2019, Bearskin Airlines was recognized a second time at the Air Transport Association of Canada (ATAC) 2019 conference and tradeshow held in Montreal, Quebec.

The Hope Air Outstanding Philanthropist Award is presented to an ATAC member who has shown exemplary commitment to ensuring equal access to medical care for patients in need across the country. It celebrates philanthropic leadership that plays a key role in bridging the gap between home and lifesaving care for so many Canadians. From 2009 – 2019 Bearskin provided nearly 2,000 donated flights for Hope Air patients.

"Hope Air could not get Canadians to the healthcare they need without the donated flights from partners such as Bearskin Airlines," says Doug Keller-Hobson. "We applaud Bearskin Airlines for their charitable contributions and their exceptional generosity in helping Hope Air to remove the barriers of distance and cost that separate Canadians from the healthcare they need."

“We don't believe that a lack of financial means should limit someone from receiving the healthcare they require,” commented Ron Hell, Vice President of Marketing and Revenue Management. “If a flight with Bearskin Airlines can provide access to specialized care not available in the north, we are proud to be able to help in that way and we have been doing it since 1988.”

hope-airThe award was accepted by Trevor Gavinchuk, Director of Eastern Operations, “We are extremely proud to be recognized by Hope Air,” he says. “Our support for this program is only one of many ways we give back to the communities that support us.”

For more information on Hope Air visit https://hopeair.ca/