Travel Bank

What is Travel Bank?

Bearskin travellers can retain the value of a non-refundable ticket in a customer managed Travel Bank (TB) account. TB is accessible through our reservations centre and online. Use your Travel Bank balance to purchase a new itinerary for up to 12 months from the date of deposit. TB information resides within a Bearskin customer profile and allows you to view all your refunds/redemptions online. Travel Bank utilizes state of the art technology to ensure the highest level of security and privacy while enabling self-fulfillment via the website.

How does Travel Bank work?

A TB account is opened the first time you cancel a non-refundable ticket and is held by the person(s) named on the eticket. There is a service fee which varies depending on the type of fare purchased for the use of Travel Bank on non-refundable tickets. The remaining balance is deposited into your account. An email is sent to the owner which contains a login ID to access your account online. The next time you want to travel simply choose "Travel Bank" as your form of payment.

Who can use Travel Bank?

  • Individual Passengers for business or leisure travel.  You may also pay for another passengers ticket by logging into the account which holds the TB funds on the payment page.
  • Corporate TB is ideally suited for companies with several employees who travel frequently and have a Travel Administrator within their company booking their flights.  Initial set up of the corporate profile is facilitated by Bearskin. Follow the link on our homepage to "Use Promo Code" and select "shop for business" after login to use the Corporate Travel Bank funds for all employees. For more detailed information or to apply for a Corporate TB account, please email bearskinairlines%23com|internetreservations.

Automated Exchanges Online

Travel plans changed at the last minute? No problem - exchange your eticket any time of day on our website. Automated exchanges are available for all tickets purchased online or through our Reservations Centre. This functionality allows passengers to change their itinerary, exchange etickets, and process any resulting refund amount into Travel Bank.

Ask for your Customer Profile ID the next time you make a reservation through our Reservations Centre. This ID allows you to access your bookings online and provides the ability to change or cancel your trip at your convenience.