Welcome to the Rewarding World of Aeroplan!

Aeroplan is the largest and most extensive frequent flyer program in Canada and Bearskin Airlines is pleased to be an Aeroplan Partner. Today, you can earn and redeem Aeroplan miles to over 700 destinations in more than 120 countries.

You can also earn Aeroplan miles with many car rental, hotel, financial, retail and specialty, and telecommunications partners around the globe.

Aeroplan miles are earned and redeemed on flights containing a Bearskin flight component.  Bookings made to travel on our partner's (Perimeter Aviation) services do not qualify for Aeroplan rewards (Flights 220-221, 510-591 and 663-664).  

Bearskin Airlines is pleased to provide you with direct links to Aeroplan's Web Site.  

Aeroplan Rewards
Reward charts, reward rules, how to request rewards and other important information about using your Aeroplan Miles.

Earn With Aeroplan Partners
A complete list of Aeroplan partners.

About Your Account
Visit Aeroplan's new online services! Request your PIN, check your current account balance, your current and previous qualifying miles and flight segments, review your current and previous monthly statement details and review and update your customer profile.

Missing Miles on Your Statement?
What to do to get credit for transactions missing from your Aeroplan statement.

Contact Aeroplan Directly